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Private Readings are available at £40 per person. Joint readings for couples are £55. Please allow 1 hour for your visit. You can electronically record the reading using your phone or tablet.

All readings include Mediumship, Clairvoyance, Card and Ribbon Readings. Due to demand there could be a wait.

You may be asked to pay a deposit of £16.00 per person using Paypal.

You can also see me at different venues around Devon where I will be giving demonstrations. (Please check Demonstrations for details)


Please Read

I understand that this consultation offers a holistic approach to my life that embraces its spiritual, mental, psychological, emotional and physical aspects. I also understand that it is part of a scientific and holistic experiment. The Medium/Clairvoyant may give me information that could bring about positive change in my life but any choices I make are my personal and legal responsibility. I have sought the services provided for myself and I assume full responsibility for my decision.

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