I visited Marie today 13/02/2017 for my first reading, was not expecting a lot before my visit but I was speechless, my grandad came through which was lovely and she was spot on with names both here and in the spirit world, I never gave any details away before or during the reading nor did she ever ask. I highly recommend her, I left feeling content and happy and maybe a little shocked (but in a good way). Thank you so much. :) :) :)

Added: February 17, 2017

I have just come back from seeing Marie and I am truly and absolutely blown away!! I can not recommend this lovely lady any higher. I will never go to anyone else. She made me feel amazing. I just can't believe it Still.

Thank you very much Marie!!


Added: September 6, 2016

Just visited Marie today 30/06/16
Well what can I say,-- This lady has gone way beyond my expectations
I've never been a cynic but like most people have had my moments.
However today's reading has finally put a stop to my doubts.
What a wonderful lady, with a deep connection

THANK YOU Marie :!cool:

Added: June 30, 2016

I visited Marie after sinking into a low place, not only did she bring me comfort and peace but she also picked up on many aspects of both mine and my Husband's life; up until now Marie is pretty much spot on.
Worth every single penny and more.
Thank you for saving me.

Added: April 13, 2016

i went to see marie with my wife today and to be honest i didnt believe any of it before we went! my opinion is very different now, she told me things that even my wife didnt know, very nice lady who knows what shes doing

Added: March 4, 2016

Maria is a genuine kind days person. Maria told me told me things no one else knows.
These things gave me forgiveness and help.

Added: January 15, 2016

Met Marie this week and can I say what a lovely lady and what an accurate reading. I'm at a cross roads and Marie's words gave me much food for thought in terms of what I need to consider to move forward. I've been feeling pretty low so this reading has made me feel more positive and I am looking forward to the future. Thanks Marie for everything and see you in see 6 months x

Added: November 20, 2015

I visited Marie for the first time today on a recommendation. I have to say I was absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of accurate information given. I lost my mum just over 6 months ago and Marie gave me so much detail about mum that I'm satisfied she was there with us. A very emotional hour but well worth it. Thank you so much for the connection Marie. X

Added: November 2, 2015

I met with Marie today for the first time And am still in shock. What she told me could not have been more factual.. I am still crying from the fact that she worked with my brother who died many years ago at the age of 14.from illness and of which she described If ever there is a disbeliever in mediums or clairvoyants then please see Marie, you WILL change you views. I could not give a more positive feedback if you paid me thousands. Thank you so very much

Added: May 23, 2015

This was my first experience of a reading today and still can't quite believe how accurate Marie was. It has given me perspective and a sense of contentment. Already looking forward to my next visit in 6 months and will be recommending her to friends and family. Thank you Marie.

Added: April 18, 2015